The New Single From English Teacher Is Transcendent And Hypnotic

It would be apt to have labelled the relaying of events in 2020 as surreal. Just as the arrival of a new decade has brought us all a taste of the unimaginable, the new single from English Teacher is transcendent and hypnotic.

‘You Won’t Believe How Beautiful She Is When It Has Snowed’ is an ode to the grandeur and presence of Pendle Hill, the Eiffel Tower of east Lancashire. A prominent landmark throughout the upbringing of lead singer Lily, the summit has yielded this grandiose composition of meandering synths and compelling vocals.  

Lyrical bravery is the stand-out, and the poetry of English Teacher brings an artistic integrity and respectability that I admire in its self-consciousness. Lily references romantics in a way that summons the wit of ‘Cemetery Gates’ coupled charmingly with the assured confidence of Kate Bush. English Teacher continue to experiment and surprise, with the new single being another convincing preview of the future of the psych/art-rock outfit.