Roxy Girls – ‘Dirtier’ is flawlessly nuanced, yet unashamed.

Pouring out of their positively overflowing artistic bathtub, comes the exquisite new single by British punks, Roxy Girls, “Dirtier”.

Continuing to prove that the notion of their genre is ever relevant and always possesses room to progress, they treat you to an opening that is akin to the creeping explosion of joy that this song brings. Four times round the refrain is just kind enough an intro to prepare you for the unrelentingly enjoyable minute and a half that proceeds it. The song progresses so perfectly from it’s delicate front to it’s crunchy middle, that you’re left wondering how it felt like you got so far in, so smoothly, before it was too late and you were already hooked.

The song itself continues the unprecedentedly familiar yet unique sound that Roxy Girls have demonstrated with their previous releases, portraying flawlessly that the musical nuance of their tunes is just as important as their overall unashamed attitude.

This feels to be the perfect appetiser to what will undoubtedly be another flawless record, furthering the considered creative progression that Roxy Girls have provided with their musical meta-narrative of introspect and criticism, which vocalist Tom Hawick so effortlessly portrays, with every word he delivers.

Let’s just say, although I love this record, it’s created an insatiable appetite within me, I just want more.


Listen here –

Words: Ben Udin