Roxy Girls: ‘A Wealth Of Information’ – a perfect blend of goosebump-inducing harmony and dissonance.

Roxy Girls continue the theme of aggressive, bewildering, but charmingly catchy punk bangers with their latest EP, ‘A Wealth Of Information‘…

…all while having seemed to have formulated the most enjoyable thirteen minutes of any right-thinking individual’s life. Their whole thing is pushed even further over the edge with this one. From the increased snarl of the production style, to the frantic, stabbing guitar work that poses as a stark nod towards the bands like Buzzcocks who’ve inspired them, alongside a healthy homage to The Strokes, it could be argued that this is their most formidable record to date. 

There is a darker, more commanding presence lurking within this record.”

Perfectly demonstrated in the track ‘The Droid’, which is laced with a perfect blend of goosebump-inducing harmony and dissonance, woven between a dominating announcement delivered by vocalist Tom Hawick. There is a darker, more commanding presence lurking within this record. There is gentle but playful experimentation with different time signatures, captained by Drummer Aidan Rowan’s distinctive, irreplaceably fractured style. With tracks like ‘Dirtier’ acting as a a scathing indictment of obnoxious behaviour, and ‘All Talk’ embodying the aggressive back-and-forth between two people at odds, it’s clear that Roxy Girls have grown rightfully and increasingly agitated, and have made an unapologetic statement. This is a record you need to slap on. 

Listen here – ‘A Wealth Of Information’ – Roxy Girls on Spotify

Words – Ben Udin