Phoebe Marshall releases lively new single ‘Don’t Tell Her’

York based singer/songwriter Phoebe Marshall has released her debut single ‘Don’t Tell Her’, a witty tale of embarrassment, fixation and betrayal.

The nuances of internal turmoil people in relationships experience is captured perfectly in Phoebes lyric writing, from hiding insecurities to wanting to be alone. The 90s-esque guitars and vocals have a fiery energy about them that gives you a sense of adolescent trouble making, a certain ‘up-to-no-goodness’.

The protagonist seemingly lives a secret life, and I couldn’t help but chuckle at the lyrics ‘…my leg’s in stitches, and all her friends are fucking bitches’. Phoebe’s energetic live performances that I caught in Leeds have always been enthralling, and the same attitude and intensity have been captured in this tune.