Honey Guide New Single Is Mature And Understated.

The long awaited solo project of Leeds local Jacob Andrews has come to charming fruition with the release of his debut single ‘Oh, Why?’.

After the separation of the dreamy indie-rock band Celestial Green, Andrews has experimented with both home and studio recordings, leaning towards a creation he labels ‘Freak Folk’. It lends influences from all corners of the pop music world; guitars that wouldn’t sound out of place in any 70’s soft rock band and careful instrumentation that echoes the maturity of the dulcet production style.

The vocals are soothing and mellow, yet ever-present, speaking directly to you from the emotional insecurity of one human’s fears and anxieties to another. A lot more music is being produced now than ever before, but to find work with emotion or soul is a blessing. This has both, and the result is enthralling.

Listen here – https://open.spotify.com/track/3FysT7hx9gMQuwPNBieXKB?si=0EOQl-OlQoOZdhgJc-tbbg

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